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Whirlpool & Spa Baths


Here we have an outstanding collection of whirlpool baths and Air Spa baths that will provide a luxurious feel to any bathroom, as well as helping you to relax and unwind after a long day. Our high quality whirlpool baths are available from well known brands. With such a fantastic range of whirlpool and Air Spa baths for you to choose from you can be sure to create your dream bathroom.

Whirlpool baths have jets that are positioned around the sides of the bath, while an Air Spa bath has jets that are located in the base of the bath. Some models even include both options to provide you with the ultimate bathing experience that will help ease away your aches and pains.

Our whirlpool and Air Spa baths are available in a comprehensive range of sizes and designs including single and double ended styles, shower baths and inset baths, which means you can easily create your dream bathroom.

Frequently asked questions

Q Do I need any special water supply for a whirlpool bath?

A No. Whirlpool baths use a standard hot and cold water supply found in all households. However some manufacturers quote a minimum water supply pressure, perhaps 1 to 3 bar minimum. In such cases an external booster pump may be required to increase the existing household water pressure.

Q Are whirlpools noisy?

A No, not really. If they are installed correctly according to manufacturer’s instructions they should work quietly and efficiently. However there will always be the sound of the pump and of the swirling/rushing/gushing turbulent water.

Q Are whirlpools safe for children or elderly people to use?

A Children should always be supervised when using a whirlpool bath but all systems will be fitted with safety cut out and timing devices. Some whirlpool systems are fitted with a timed cut out which only allow the user a short period of vigorous massage – this may be particularly suitable for the elderly.

Q Do whirlpools baths need specialist fitting?

A A whirlpool bath should be installed by a competent and qualified plumber and electrician. 

Q I want a whirlpool but my bathroom is tiny. I doubt that I would be able to get a whirlpool system in there. Any ideas?

A Many British bathrooms are small but manufacturers have been clever to design and build whirlpool systems which can fit in smaller spaces. For instance if you have room for a standard 1700mm x 700mm bath then you have room for a whirlpool. 

Q I am pregnant and I have been told not to use the whirlpool. This can’t be right, can it?

A Well yes - it is correct that pregnant ladies should not use a whirlpool bath. The vigorous action of the jetted water and the heating effect on the body is not recommended. Likewise elderly people or people with a heart condition or high blood pressure should avoid using them. 

Q How long does it take to install a whirlpool bath? 

A Provided that the site is cleared of all the previous installations and the services are fixed according to instructions a whirlpool bath should be installed within a day. 

Q Does a whirlpool need any special drains?

A No. However, drain positioning is important so that the outlet to the bath is close to the drain system.