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Wall Hung Toilets


Wall hung toilets are an incredibly stylish and modern way to showcase your bathroom. As well as looking extremely contemporary and sophisticated, our wall hung WCs also allow for easy cleaning as they don’t reach the floor.

Wall hung toilets are designed as their name suggests and are attached directly to the bathroom wall. The wall hung toilet adds a touch of contemporary to your bathroom. The compact style is suitable for bathrooms of any size. As this type of toilet is not attached to the ground by pedestal, it gives the further illusion of height and space, leaving your bathroom with more planning space, design opportunity and choice - all vital to the modern bathroom.

Stylish Wall Hung Toilets

The wall hung toilet houses a concealed cistern within the wall, allowing it to look sleek, without losing any practical functionality. Simply put, the largest part of the design is hidden from the eye, leaving only clean lines and smart design.

It is advisable to speak to a plumber or bathroom designer to determine whether the room is suitable and the structure is sound. If not, metal frames can be used.