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Toilets & Basins


What type of toilet do I need?

Every bathroom needs a toilet, and Flush Bathrooms stock a huge range that will suit all bathroom designs. From back to wall toilets, wall hung toilets, low level toilets, high level toilets and close coupled toilets, you’ll find everything you could possibly need in our collection.

      The bathroom design is all important when it comes to deciding on your toilet type. Toilets fall into three categories:
    • Close coupled- where the cistern is attached to the pan and both parts are visible
    • Back to wall - where the pan only is visible and the cistern is concealed either in furniture or into the wall or behind a wall
    • Wall hung- where the toilet does not touch the floor. This gives a more modern design and is supported by an in wall frame that incorporates a cistern aswell

The choice is up to you and the design you desire. There are no restrictions on where you can install a wall hung frame.

If you want to save on space without compromising on style, you should consider close coupled toilets. The majority of homes in the UK will have a close-coupled toilet, which includes a pan, cistern and toilet seat. Our close coupled toilets are incredibly compact whilst being extremely functional and tasteful. We have a range of close coupled toilets in a range of styles, sizes and shapes which are sure to complement the interior of any bathroom. We can also provide you with close coupled toilet seats in different colours, including white, pine, oak and even novelty designs.

Will my toilet use a lot of water?

    Previously, before water regulations were enforced, a single flush could use up to 9 litres of water. Today’s toilets are restricted to use a maximum of 6 litres and minimum of 2 1/2 litres. Therefore, saving on water usage.

What size basin do I need?

The size of basin you will need is dependent on the size of the bathroom you have. Whilst a large bathroom gives you more freedom of choice, we would recommend taking a look at our cloakroom basins.

Many large sized basins (600mm width) basins are also available in a smaller size, usually 500mm, for smaller bathroom areas. If you have space to spare, take a look at our standard pedestal mounted basins that come in widths of 480 to 600mm.

What colour?

Cream coloured bathroom china has been phased out over the past few decades, and most modern basins are now only manufactured in white china.

Do all basins come with pedestals?

The majority of our basins are mounted on a pedestal as this is the most convenient way to get that basin to hand height. However, you can also browse a great selection of Vanity and CounterTop Basins, or Wall Mounted Basins.

A Full Range

From contemporary to modern and everything in between, including full pedestal basins, semi pedestal basins, countertop basins and vanity basins.Whether you’re looking for wall-hung, freestanding, small or large basins we have the range of bathroom sinks that can help you out.