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Shower Trays


What size of shower tray do I need?

This is governed by the shower enclosure it is being installed into. We recommend choosing the size of your enclosure first, and then find a shower tray to suit. We have a tray to suit every enclosure.

Can I have a low profile tray?

The trend in shower trays has moved to low profile or slim-line but the higher shower tray is still a popular option. Low profile trays look neater and give a more minimalistic effect. You can install a low profile shower tray as long as the waste can be fitted below the floor. In some instances where this is not possible i.e. concrete or solid floor, a riser kit may be needed to allow prevision for the waste above ground.

Do wastes come with shower trays?

Wastes are supplied separately at a cost between 10 and 50 pounds.

We offer a wide range of shower trays

Browse our extensive shower trays section to find the perfect tray for your shower. We specialise in high quality shower trays that will look good and last for many years. They provide secure footing and an attractive finish that help you enjoy your shower to the fullest extent.