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Old London Baths

A suitable bath depends heavily on the size and shape of your bathroom…

Remember, what you want might not always be practical. However, the bath is often the largest element in the room and therefore the centrepiece – so choosing one that you like is important.

If storage is a vital element in your bathroom then you may have one or more furniture units already – so a standard bath fitted against a wall is an ideal choice, as they often have matching bath panels to tie in your furniture and bring cohesion to the room. This is even more desirable in smaller bathrooms where there may only be room for one piece of furniture and by having a matching bath panel, you can create a neat and unified look.

A single ended bath is a popular choice – if you have a shower over it, the waste is directly under the shower head for the water to drain away instantly. Don’t forget to get a bath screen too – the modern alternative to a shower curtain. Alternatively, you could opt for a shower bath, which has additional space at one end to create the feeling of a shower cubicle.

Double ended baths are not only great for sharing – but are also practical. The filler and waste are placed in the middle of the bath meaning you can lay either way in order to get the view you desire during your relaxing bath. Along with that it also means that the water is distributed evenly and if you’re in need of a warm top up, it is sure to warm your whole body and not just your feet – resulting in a more comfortable and relaxing experience.

If you are lucky enough to have a large bathroom with room for a shower enclosure and bath, then your bath options are endless. It can allow you to move the bath away from the wall and be more central within the room. Freestanding baths have a more luxurious feel and come in a variety of shapes and single or double ended options. And don’t despair – even if you have a smaller bathroom – the Kenton back-to-wall bath gives the illusion of a freestanding bath with the practical, space-saving advantage of being able to fit it against a wall.