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Old London Bathrooms


Old London Traditional Bathrooms. There are lots of additional elements you can add to give your room a really traditional feel, here are eight ways to guarantee that genuine traditional bathroom look.

  • A basin & pedestal is an obvious option, but have you ever considered a washstand and basin instead? The open metal frame echoes the elegance of a bygone era and is a great place to hang a hand towel.
  • For that truly traditional feel, choose a pan with a high level cistern. This option provides small delicate elements, such as the metal pull chain with a white ceramic handle, along with beautiful ornate brackets to support the cistern.
  • A freestanding bath is seen as a luxury and is perfect for creating a traditional bathroom. Large chrome feet complement the other chrome elements in the bathroom and the intricate detailing is a stunning addition. Even if you have a smaller bathroom, the back to the wall option gives the illusion of a freestanding bath while saving space.
  • Taps also play a large part in the character of your bathroom. Basin mono mixers are the most modern style of tap and so if you want a more traditional feel consider two or even three tap-hole taps instead.
  • Taps often come in a choice of cross handle or with a lever option. Both of these provide style and elegance and enable you to choose the style you prefer.
  • Choosing a shower may depend on what bath you opt for, however both shower baths and shower enclosures can be styled in a traditional way. The exposed shower valve is an excellent way to create an authentic traditional feel – it combines modern safety features such as anti-scald protection, with classic elements such as ceramic levers.
  • When selecting a radiator to suit your bathroom, it is important to first identify what the radiator’s primary use will be. Sturdy panel radiators like the Clarendon range are often seen in older buildings and give excellent heat output. Heated towel rails are a great addition, offering the luxury of warm towels. The Tilbury range however, combines a panel radiator and a heated towel rail to bring the best of both worlds.
  • Additional accessories can be incorporated into your scheme which will bring the character and style of your bathroom together. For final touches consider accessories such as handles, soap dishes, shower rings and toilet roll holders.