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Old London Bathroom Taps

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When purchasing your basin the tap holes are ready made and so you need to decide as whether you want a mono mixer, separate hot & cold taps or a mixer tap before you sign the deal on your ceramics.

Old London offers a broad range of taps to choose from but they are split into to two main ranges.  The first is Edwardian which has much more structural design with wider spouts for a cascade of water whereas the Victorian range has a smoother exterior with soft curves and a shorter spout.

As well as having a certain look, each tap works in a slightly different way.  Suitable for one hole basins are the most modern design with one just spout but still keeping traditional elements such as the hot and cold sign on each handle.  Those suitable for two hole basins simply have a separate hot and cold tap, each with their own spout. Finally, for a three hole basin there are two options – one is to have two separate taps for hot and cold with an added lever in the middle for the pop up waste, or there is a shared tap spout in the middle with two separate hot and cold handles either side.

Most people have strong preferences when choosing traditional taps.  Some prefer to have a clear distinction between their hot and cold, opting for two separate taps, but others prefer to create their own temperature of water with just one spout by choosing the mono mixer tap with a pop up waste lever on the back.

Most of the Old London Brassware ranges come with a choice between levers or crossheads, giving you the chance to express your personal preference when fitting your bathroom.

Taps are one of the more affordable elements of a bathroom and you don’t need to wait until you replace the whole suite before you get new taps.  These beautiful period taps can act as a feature or focal point of your bathroom and would be a perfect new addition to an already existing suite that just needs a lift.