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How are towel rails heated?

Most towel rails work exactly the same as a radiator, and sometimes replace a radiator i.e. off your existing boiler or central heating system.

What type of towel rail do I need?

All rooms are individual and therefore the heat output required from your selected radiator will vary. It is important you choose the correct radiator to ensure enough heat is generated to keep you comfortable. A sensible tip is to always choose a model with a higher heat output than you require, as this can always be controlled by turning them down.

We offer designer towel rails and heaters.traditional rails and radiators and ladder heated towel rails

Your plumber, architect or builder should be able to give a BTU rating for the bathroom. As long as the heat output of the towel rail chosen exceeds this BTU rating, then the correct temperatures should be achieved within the room. The rest is down to your preference in design and size requirements.

Radiator colour options

From stock, we offer the most current fashionable colour options across a wide range of products. Commonly chrome is most popular, but we do offer a full spectrum of RAL colours.

What radiator designs offer the best heat output?

Basically, the bigger surface area that a radiator has the more heat output will be generated. Another general guide is that painted finishes offer a slightly better heat output than chrome finished items. To optimize the space you have available we offer radiator designs that can be fitted horizontally or vertically.

To get additional heat output from the same area, you can also choose options that include multi rows of tubes, panels & columns.

Can I use my towel rail when my central heating is off?

Towel rails are available to run off your central heating and its timer. Or alternatively, you can purchase a dual fuel radiator/towel rail, so you can override the towel rail to come on when the heating is off by installing an electric element. These are useful in the summer months.

What are Dual Fuel radiators?

Some of our radiators can also work as dual fuel applications, which means when your main heating system might be turned off in the summer months, you can still operate your radiators electrically if required. Please see our current brochures for suitable models.

Can I install an Electric-only radiator?

Where your installation location does not have immediate access to an existing water supply, we can offer purpose made electric-only products for a quick and easy solution to your heating needs. These electric only products are supplied pre filled with an electrical inhibitor solution, and fitted with a compatible heating element.

Can I fit my own radiator?

Qualified persons should make all electrical and plumbing connections. When fitting radiators with heating elements, the radiator must always be mounted with the element at the bottom with the radiator in the upright position. Failure to do so may result in a fire hazard.

Towel rails - A bathroom essential

Towel rails and radiators are crucial components in any bathroom. They ensure that the room is kept comfortably warm and that your towels dry much more efficiently than if they had simply been left to hang on a traditional, unheated towel rail.