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Freestanding Baths


Here at Flush Bathrooms we offer an impressive range of high quality and durable freestanding baths. Freestanding baths are a statement bathroom centre piece and perfectly compliment both classical traditionally styled bathrooms or sleek contemporary styled bathrooms, whilst providing you with a highly luxurious bathing experience.

Can you shower in a Freestanding Bath?

By design, freestanding baths are less practical than standard baths when it comes to showering in them. However, if a freestanding bath is what you are after and also require the option to shower in it, we offer ceiling hung curtain rings that prevent splashing water onto the floor, a bit like a standard bath screen.

What are the major differences between cast iron and acrylic freestanding baths?

Acrylic freestanding baths provide a conducts heat much more effectively than cast iron baths, and holds the heat longer for a much warmer and efficient bathing experience, especially in the Winter months.

Do Freestanding Baths use more water than normal baths?

No. The differences in volume of water used between the two types of bath is negligible.

How are Freestanding Baths fixed to the floor?

It is not necessary to fix your bath to the floor. However, should you choose to, it is usually the case that the freestanding bath comes with adjustable feet that can be screwed into the floor. If you are unable to screw into the floor, the rigid waste pipe does provide some assistance in securing the bath in position.

What are freestanding baths made of?

Freestanding baths are usually made from double skinned acrylic creating an extra strong, durable surface that will retain heat better than old cast iron or steel baths.

With many of our roll top baths and freestanding baths crafted from 2 sheets of thick acrylic, and back sprayed with fibre-glass and supported by metal frameworks, you can be sure of a lifetime of reliability with our baths due to their strength and durability.

I have a small bathroom area, is a freestanding bath an option?

If space is limited in your bathroom, choose one of our smaller freestanding bath designs or choose from our baths with a straight back edge so you can push it to the wall to maximise floor space. Alternatively, if you want your bath to make an impressive statement in a larger bathroom then these roll top baths and freestanding baths will make the perfect centre piece.

Our freestanding baths come in a variety of sizes ranging between 1500mm baths to 1800mm baths.

However, unlike fitted baths which all come in multiple width sizes of 50mm, you will often find freestanding baths in obscure sizes which you may find useful in planning your bathroom.

What about freestanding bath taps?

Add one of our traditional bath fillers to really compliment the classic style of these baths or install a stylish chrome finished freestanding mixer to add another impressive feature to your roll top or freestanding bath.

Freestanding Baths - The epitome of luxury

Whether you’re looking for oval freestanding baths, rectangular freestanding baths or something in between, you’re sure to find it amongst the Tapwell Bathrooms Freestanding Bath collection.