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Cassellie Baths & Screens


The Bath truly is the centerpiece of any great bathroom and when you choose to purchase your bath from our delightful range by Cassellie, not only will it beautify your bathroom with its sleek and smooth lines and shapes but will also add durability and functionality. The Cassellie Bath Range provides you with a vast choice of bath shapes and bath sizes allowing you the versatility of placing your centerpiece almost anywhere in your bathroom. The P-shaped Shower-bath has a beautifully smooth rounded edge whereas its L-shaped counterpart has a more geographical square edge and are both available for left and right handed accessibility. The Cassellie Kinsale is a more traditional rectangular bath with a slight back incline for a more relaxing soak. All of our Cassellie Baths come complete with a side panel and can be purchased with or without a corresponding bath screen.