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A wide selection of contemporary, wall mounted, floor standing and traditional Bidets with oval, square and round designs. Bidets are at the forefront of bathroom hygiene, helping to maintain personal and bathroom cleanliness.

Much the same as a basin, a bidet is connected to a hot and cold water supply, which is in turn connected to a waste outlet. Most bidets need to be fitted with a mixer tap, which we have a wide selection of here at Tapwell Bathrooms.

Wall hung bidets, floor standing bidets

Wall hung bidets are best suited to smaller bathrooms, as they also give the illusion of space. This variety of bidet is also easiest to maintain. While the bidet was used as early as the 19th century, today’s bidets are fully equipped for a range of modern bidet accessories.

Bidets can be a great addition to any bathroom, and bring continental sophistication to your bathroom.