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Bathroom accessories are essential for not just adding the finishing touches to your bathroom design, but for providing basic functionality in this important space. Shower-heads, toilet handles, toilet seats, chrome baskets, bathroom lights, curtain rails, fixing kits, frames, bathroom shelves, grab bars, hoses, robe hooks, soap dishes, soap dispensers, tumblers… The list goes on! All can be applied to complete the luxury look you’re aiming to create. Some bathroom accessories are bathroom essentials including toilet roll holders, towel rings and rails, toilet brush holders and toilet seats, bathroom mirrors, bathroom cabinets and much more. We’ve got a vast range of convenient bathroom accessories that will take care of the little things while you take care of yourself, so you should be able to find what you’re looking for to complete that perfect bathroom. At Tapwell Bathrooms, we combine cost-efficiency with designer style to offer soap dishes, towel rails, toilet brush holders, soap dispensers and towel and robe hooks, and a host of other accents, for a sleek and stylish designer bathroom.

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